Papa’s Tacos Mia!

Papa’s Tacos Mia! is a Cool Restaurant Game.. In Papa’s Tacos Mia you must cook! :D.. This is what you must do.. This is a Cool Cooking Game.. you must fast make some Tacos Burgers.. People will come to your restaurant and they will order some COOL TACOS.. You must make it.. The faster you make the Tacos the more TIP you will receive..  But be careful because the Food Critic is watching you! You must make the Taco Burger pretty COOL.. or you won’t receive any tips from your clients.. This is very Funny Game..  In this Funny game game there are more than 60 badges which you can earn by making tacos.. It’s up to you now.. Cook some cool stuff, and get some credits for it 🙂

Enjoy playing this funny and cool game

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  1. I knew that Papa’s Tacos Mia will replace Berzerk Ball with the First place! 🙂 I knew it! I love that flash game !!!!

  2. Papas Tacos is one cool taco game! I love this cool game! Papa taco rules!

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