Homerun in Berzerk Land

Homerun in Berzerk Land is game like Berzerk Ball.. This is VERY COOL GAME .. Addicted and I don’t know the word.. This COOL GAME is just very COOOL :D.. I Enjoy playing it all the time! Every time you hit the GEEK you get Experience and Money.. With the Experience you can upgrade your character and you will become more powerful every time!

Hit the GEEK.. Smash his butt.. Send him to the SKY.. Earn MONEY when you HIT HIM… With these money, you can buy new ITEMS.. With these new COOL ITEMS you can buy new COOL Weapons.. And with your new COOL WEAPONS you can smash his butt even harder.. Submit you highscore and share the game with your friends via the social networks 🙂
You can try the new version of Homerun in Berzerk Land.. The new version is called Berzerk Ball


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