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Elements is an online fantasy card Thurs The player is a primary, a spirit which is a constituent parts are the basic elements of nature. Each primary soldier has an “Force” of different skills that can be used only in a duel against another “soldier”, each jurisdiction is a map. The player can choose which and how many cards to use in a duel and collect them in a game of cards. Each elementary gets 100 Points Health Pack at the beginning of the match, the duel ends and when one of the elementals hits 0 Health or run out of cards. There are 3 types of cards: Creature: These cards will going to summon a powerfull creatures that will fight for the Soldiers. The creatures are having some certain amount of cool attack power and some cool health items and special abilities though. Spell Cards: Spells have an immediate result; spell cards discarded after their power has occurred. -Permanence of the map are permanent artifacts, equipment or other items that remain in play indefinitely.

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