Crazy Go Nuts 2

Crazy Go Nuts 2 is the funniest squirrel jet packs games ever! Shoot Out the squirrel out of the cannon and try to gather nuts.. The more nuts you gather the better score you will get. Collect the stars, or try to hit the birds and they will affect you and will give you good speed. Try to beat the score.. so that you can earn unlock some cool things.. and cool levels.. Crazy Go Nuts 2 contains 40 new cool levels.. some cool mini games, 6 kinds of NUTS WOW… 7 different  kinds of structures and walls, medals and many many more new cool things.. Try to gather as many points as you can.. GOOD LUCK While you are playing Crazy Go Nuts 2..

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  1. Crazy Go Nuts 2 May 11, 2011 @ 5:41 am

    Crazy Go Nuts 2 is cool game! vrey addicted


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