Catapult Madness

Catapult Madness is similar game like Berzerk Ball … In Catapult Madness you must send as high as you can the “fat” guys .. even the KING.. This cool adventure game offers you the ability to buy some crazy cool items.. Items like.. Bean Gun.. With Bean Gun you send your “ball” higher in the sky.. You can buy a Magic Wand.. with this Magic Wand you must draw a random symbol, and if you manage to do it in a few seconds you will send the fat boy far far away in the deep space.. You can also buy some Catapult Upgrades.. Catapult Upgrades help you with Powering Up when you hit the character into the sky… You can buy Beer Upgrade.. If you Drink enough Beer you will be able to bounce more.. You will able to bounce with 85% MORE than without this upgrade.. Nice ah..? You can buy a few Bombs.. (Only up to 5 bombs).. Using these dangerous and higly explosive cool bombs will help you out a LOT.. And I mean it.. You can blast up your fat boy, and send him high in the sky :P.. And many more upgrades as-well.. In Catapult Madness your primary objective is to send as far as you can the fat boys.. or the king.. or the other characters.. you have the ability to choose between 4 cool characters.. Go now.. Make some money.. And beat down this Cool Funny Game!

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