Burrito Bison

Burrito Bison Is a one very COOL GAME and FUNNY GAME ..  In Burrito Bison you must smash all the blue piggies.. When you are smashing the piggies you earn good amount of money.. With these money you can upgrade your Cool Bison character..  Earn and smash as many piggies as you can… Because the more money you have, the more powerful items you can buy.. In Burrito Bison your goal is to escape from the piggies world…  But beware.. A lot of GATES are waiting for you.. If you are not strong enough Your Bison will never be able to leave the piggies world.. Smash as many piggies as you can with your BURRI BISON Character.. and you will succeed.. 🙂 Good luck while you are playing this cool game!


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  1. Great Cool Games website! 🙂
    Good job mate!

  2. Pretty cool game thank you!
    Nice and cool games website!

  3. Burrito Bison is a VERY COOL GAME.. I love it.. FUNNY GAME REALLY!


  5. I didn’t know that Burrito Bison was such a cool game!

  6. Good game! I have a random question for you. How do you earn money in this cool game so fast?

  7. You’ve got great insights about these cool games, keep up the good work mate!

  8. You’ve got great insights about KIDS GAMES, keep up the good work!

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