Berzerk Ball

Play Berzerk Ball .. Pretty Cool Game only in our Play Cool Games Arcade Website

Berzerk Ball is the continued of the Homerun Berzerk ball cool gameBerzk Ball has a new version of the game, new weapons, new upgrades and items and new characters which are more powerful than the previous onces..! Beat down the god damn geek.. Send the geek in to the sky.. Earn cash, then Upgrade.. Buy some cool items..  and beat them the gad damn “Berzerk ball

Enjoy Playing Berzerk Ball .. Unique Cool Game and Funny Game Game

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  1. Nice website 🙂

  2. Berzerk ball is HIGHLY ADDICTING GAME!! 🙂 I really like Berzerk ball!!! 😛

  3. This is a really great gaming website. Thx to the auther!

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