Arms of Revenge

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Calling all fighters on earth … Do you like Street Fighter, KOF, Devil May Cry, or any other game of this type? Now, to fight more fun / action game on the Flash Platform-Armed Swordsman! Moving the story moves smoothly, more than 30 combined skills, 3 types of weapons to change the mode of survival … and more! Challenge your friends and click on the above combos! Remember, it’s more fun fighting game platform ever in Flash! Have fun! Try pressing JKJKJKJK … Try to spend an arm or arm Blaze … unlimited combinations combined waiting for you to discover …;)

The wonderful art (miniatures and decorations) Smooth Moves (high frame animations) Effect Fabulous (3D effects to illustrate a level of play) Play History (All games are based on stories) of the arm (arm hero plant can change hands, a gun or knife skills that can generate) ground combat (a large number of matches is in motion, but simple and easy to administer) Combo System (combined skills can fight and win prizes and medals ) dismantling of the system (after each match you get! score a comprehensive review! See how you can get is beaten S! sense) perfect (a great feeling is so important for an action game.

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