REBUILD! Humanity is suffering from a second apocalypse. The city is no longer recognizable: the streets are full of zombies roaming, which are attached to people living in and attack them asylum. You need to find the family of this apocalyptic and turn the based strategy game. Invent some detachment of soldiers, street cleaners, builders, researchers, and join the forces with urban re-construction and defense. In Rebuild you must Manage your food, accommodation and moral at the same time, defending the attack undead. Reclaim the City a screen at a time and put to work cleaning the system of family, food, houses, and technologies to discover, of course, kill the zombies. Beware of competing gangs, thieves, wild dogs, and even some of the worst food riots in the city, you can handle it i have no doubt in you! You’ll be growing strong. humanity anchors its hope on you.

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