Zomgies 2

Zomgies 2 is a cool zombie shooting game. In this Zombie game, you must kill as much zombies as you can, but at the same time you must run, because the zombies will try to kill you. In this cool game you can drink antidotes which will increase your health, you can eat hamburgers and pizzas while you are on the run. You can even DRIVE A CAR, and smash zombies with it, but when you are in the car, you must collect fuel, and you must NOT hit the barrels, or you will lose your car. You can buy some cool weapons. At first you are going to start with Pistol and some bombs, and when you pass some levels you will be able to get some other nice a deadly weapons. Kill as many zombies as you can, and try to go to your place safely, and you will pass the level. This game supports Armor games High score, so you can even submit your highscore 🙂 Good luck now.. go kill some zombies!

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