Zombie vs Hamster

Zombie vs Hamster is one cool mortal combat like game.. :D.. Yeah.. The Hamsters and the Zombies are just like Street Fighter or Mortal Combat 4 Type game.. This cool Fight Game offers you the ability to choose between Hamster Hero and Zombie Hero. In first you cannot chose the Zombie Hero, because you must play with the Hamster hero, and you must defeat all the zombies in order to achieve the Zombie Hero. Your goal is to defeat the enemy opponent and win the round. You can use Kick hits and Arm hits and when you gather enough energy you can use the SPECIAL Hamster hits or the SPECIAL Zombie Hits.. Don’t forget to read the instruction before you start this cool fight game.. It will be a lot more easier if you know what to do. Use “Z” and “X” to attack.. Special Moves are 2 Times the arrow and one time the “Z” or the “X” Good luck now! Beat this cool game and win everything, you deserve it! After all you are on my arcade website, and I’m very happy when people beat the high-score of my games 🙂 Cheers,

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