Youda Survivor

Youda Survivor is a one very cool game! In Youda Survivor you are on a Island and you must do what ever is necessery to survive.. Sounds hard a?.. No, no, no.. it’s no hard at all 😛 .. You must make some springs and fill them with water.. You can control the mother nature.. In Youda Survivor you might even provoke a rain.. 🙂 Don’t worry, this will not confuse the mother earth.. it will only help you while you are playing this very funny game.. Gather Eggs from the seagulls.. Make some cool potions.. Try to complete the goals that the Island want you to complete.. 🙂 .. Youda Survivor is a very FUNNY GAME.. If you want to play the other Youda game, click on the link below..

Have fun while you are playing this very cool game.. 🙂 ENJOY!

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