Santa vs Obama

Santa vs Obama or Obama vs Santa is one cool versus game.. In this cool game you must kill the opposite person.. Before you start the game you have to choose between Santa and Obama.. Obama is located at the left of your monitor and Santa is located in the right of your monitor. When you choose your Character you must start to attack the opposite one. The most funny thing in this cool game is that the action has take place during the cold winter.. And the most funny thing is that the action is actually in-front of the white house.. nice ah? In this cool winter game you have a wall of 4 ice cubes that protects you from your opponent, but your opponent has also these 4 ice cubes. Can you manage to destroy your opponent and destroy these 4 ice cubes in this cool Santa vs Obama Game ? It’s up to you only.. By the way from time to time you will receive some bonus weapons and things.. but the bad thing is that they are only one time received.. Go now.. Choose the right character and destroy your opponent.. 🙂

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