Raptor Fruit Rush

Raptor Fruit Rush is a cool running game. In Fruit Rush Raptor you must collect fruits.. The more fruits you collect the more points you will earn. You must collect these fruits because the raptor loves fruits. Try to collect the bananas. They give 5000 points.. a lot .. after that is the watermelon which gives 2500 points and some other fruits which doesn’t give much points. Remember something. Raptor Fruit Rush is a cool game in which you must play fast, Because the time is NOT on your side, so.. you must collect as much fruits as you can. You can use your “double jump” to avoid the holes.. If you fall, you can submit your score, or you can try again, to earn more points. Remember each fruit brings you points, but the more slower you are the more points you will lose in time, so think wisely! Good luck on this cool running fruit game!

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