Moby Dick 2 The Game

Moby Dick 2 is one cool online sea game. In this game you have to destroy the enemies that want to kill you Moby Dick 2. In this cool online sea game, you can eat other fishes and octopuses and some other sea fish. You must eat because you have to keep your feed bar at a decent level, because if you don’t eat you will start loosing health, and in a short time, you are going to die. The other bar that you have look is the Air bar. Moby Dick, has to take breath from time to time, after all Moby Dick game is a whale, and they need to take breath too. The best part of this game, is that when you, kill enemies, and when you eat, you earn experience, and when you gather enough experience you can choose on some skills. These skills will help Moby Dick 2 to become a powerful whale, so that it can eat more, and to kill more enemies. This Cool Sea Fish Game, will give you a pleasure that you have never felt before! Enjoy!

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