Into Space

In Into Space Game you must control a rocket.. Yea.. sounds easy..? Nah.. It is not very easy.. You must control your rocket and when you are controlling this rocket you can gather “Fuel” or “Cash” in order to upgrade your rocket.. BUT beware of the Lightning clouds, or from the hot air balloons.. or from the nasty falling things.. OH yes.. I almost forgot.. You can go between the two Side-rockets.. they will boost you up up in to the deep space.. Your goal is to reach the moon.. Can you do it..? You can upgrade your rocket with some Major upgrades and some not so major upgrade.. you can earn achievements.. the more achievements you earn, the more money they will bring to you.. You can TURBO UP your rocket.. 😀 Yeah.. sound nice.. Try to Reach the space with your rocket.. this is what you must do in this cool game… Good luck!

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