Free Kick Game

Free kick Game is a cool football sports game. The idea of the game is to practice your free kicks like Ronaldo or like Messi. You will have three options to choose in order to score a goal to the goalkeeper. To get the ball to the net you must use your mouse only. Click on the first option to choose the power, try not to use the whole power level, because you will not be able to score goal. The second option is the aim. Try the best aim of the door, try to be far away from the goalkeeper, because he will grab the ball, the goalkeeper is good like Thibaut Courtois. The third option is to choose the curve of the ball. The more the ball is curved the more the ball will fly to the door. A free tip from me, try to pass the ball to your team player, if you pass him the ball, he will be well trained to score in the net. Many people are using спортингбет to predict the goals you will score. Don’t let the crowd and the fans down, and score as many goals as you can. Brake the net and win the championship

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