Exterminate The Bugs

I’m very glad to present you my Very First Arcade Game. It’s Called Exterminate the Bugs. This is the first Play-Us.com game. In this cool bugs game, you must exterminate all bugs that are flying on the screen. Exterminate them with your mouse and earn points. Warning. You only have 60 seconds to exterminate the bugs. Use them wisely, and try to earn high-score. This is my very first arcade game so, don’t be hard on me. It was very hard for me to create this cool bugs game. I like the game. Yes it needs more work to be done on her, but everything will come in time. So don’t worry there will be more cool games like Exterminate the Bug. Don’t forget to share my cool game with your friends. And Enjoy playing our play us games arcade website. Good luck!

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