Defender of The Galaxy

Defender of The Galaxy is a cool space game. In this cool space defender game, you must make your way trough all levels of games, and you must figure out how to beat the invading space crafts, that are flying towards you. They will shoot at you, and they will use any meanings necessary to destroy your spacecraft. You must stand and fight them, because you are the last Defender Of The Galaxy and you must destroy all their spacecrafts, and after you destroy their galaxy spacecrafts, you will face their bosses. Every level has a strong and powerful boss. You must beat his spacecraft, and when you destroy it, you will pass the level. In this cool space game, you can upgrade your spacecraft, you can buy some extremely good upgrades, so that you can make your spacecraft more powerful.. Make it invincible, and go and destroy all the galaxy spacecrafts, because you are the DEFENDER OF THE GALAXY!

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