Cactus McCoy

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When a routine search for the treasure goes wrong, McCoy cactus will, that the ancient curse of thorns. McCoy to return home to her piercing emerald true. If it fails, the curse continues to lifeless stone cactus. Run, jump, and punch through the enemy army has sent a terrible hex Hatfield. Many hazardous areas is a giant dam and the main weapons bazooka sharp machete. On the way to find the missing pieces of the map to guide the curse of origin. Master the art of "juggling enemy" to steal weapons and money. You can then use the loot to update all the different statistics for the battle. It may be more difficult for a cactus in the city and break the old curse of thorns?

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Control Scheme:

  • Jump: A
  • Attack: S
  • Drop Weapon: D
  • movement: arrow
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