Bob The Snail

Bob the Snail Is one pretty cool brain game! In This Snail Brain Game you must help the Snail to move to the next level. But don’t thing that this would be easy.. You must pass a lot of different and hard levels in order to win this cool game. You have to use your brain in order to win this game. And when i mean that you must use your brain, this means that you will really have to use it.. Because there are some levels that are very hard, and yes, there are levels that are easy to pass, but they are not many.. Try to pass every level. Try to earn the most score in less time. And by the way don’t forget that when you play Bob The Snail you will have to pass the level before the time(score) runs out. When the time run’s out you will lose the game, and that is a thing that we all do not want to happen. Good luck now! 🙂

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