Archer on Duty

Play Archer on Duty .. COOL GAME

“Archer on Duty” is a very funny game.. In this cool game you must protect your castle from the evil bandits. The evil bandits will do what ever is necessary to destroy your castle.. With your “Archer on Duty” you must kill all the evil bandits and save your castle from them! You can upgrade your bow.. You will have to chose between “Repairing your castle”, “Buying a new arrow Fire/Iron/Ice, or just increase the Dexterity(speed) or the Strength of your bow..

It’s all up to you Archer defender! 🙂 Enjoy playing this awesome game.

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  1. Thanks for the nice and cool game! 🙂

  2. Archers on Duty is very cool game.. Cool Games Website man!

  3. This is one AMAZINGLY COOL GAME.. I love it!

  4. Amazing webarcade website.. i love it! 🙂 and this is the best cool game here!

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