3D Taxi Racing

3D Taxi Racing is an amazing car racing game. This game has some amazing 3D Graphics, super gameplay and some amazing features in it. In 3D Taxi Racing you are able to choose between two stages of game play. The first one is Single Race Game, and Career race game. In Single race game, you will play only for fun. If you choose to play the career race game, you will be able to do so much stuff, that your head will explode. One little advice, when you play this super cool street racing taxi game, try to hit the red turbo speed, which is located on the track, on the ground. When you pass over it, your car will get some turbo-speed, and you will eat your competition in a single row. Try to avoid the black stuff which are on the ground. They will make your taxi car unstable. Go now, and race everyone, and be the best 3D Taxi Racing Driver!

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